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What are YOUR CELLS saying?

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Debbie's Testimonial

I was first introduced to DoTerra in 2013 by Holly.  I have suffered with seasonal and food allergies for as long as I can remember.  DoTerra Essential Oils were recommended to  me to help with my allergies.  So. I started using the Life Long Vitality Pack along with Peppermint and Eucalyptus EO.  After using DoTerra for a month I began to notice that I wasn't suffering awful seasonal allergies and hadn't had an asthma attack, which always occurred during my allergy flare ups.  My food allergies weren't giving me as much trouble either.  I noticed that my energy level was increasing, I'm sure, due to the Life Long Vitality supplements I was taking.  I then started using more and more DoTerra EO and discovered the citrus oils, which I simply love, because they are so good for everything (mood, flavor enhancer in your dinner dishes, cleaning, laundry I could go on forever).  Once you get started with the DoTerra EO the possibilities are endless!  - Debbie


Shelley's Testimonial

When I started using the DoTerra oils in August of 2011, they literally saved my life! I was recovering from my 5th surgery, and came close to death several times. I was on oxycontin, and have fibromayalgia, RSD, nerve damage, depression and other health issues. At one point in 2011, I was on 17 different medications. Within days after starting to use DoTerra products, my pain decreased substantially and I felt better not just physically, but emotionally. After about 10 days, the umbearable pain in my left leg and foot (due to auto accident) was gone. GONE- after 12 years the oils did what 3 electric stimulators, pain medications, acupuncture, nerve blocks, etc. couldn't do. I'm still amazed. My life changed from that day forward!! I thank Holly and everyone at DoTerra for giving me my life back and for giving me hope for a better future!!  -Shelley


Dawn's Testimonial

I started my DoTerra journey when Holly came to my house about 7 years ago. Since then I have believed in DoTerra and all it offers. My favorite products are Bone Nutrients and the Deep Blue Capsules, I take them every morning and every night. If I don't my body hurts! I also loves the Life Long Vitality pack and don't know where I would be without it! I'm thankful everyday I was introduced to these products along with my oils!