Here's a "Word of Wisdom"

These days there are so many options out there when it comes to "eating healthy". There are fad diets, cleanses, meal prepping, celebrities endorsing diets, counting "macros", meal delivery services, and the list goes on. It can leave ones head spinning when it comes to knowing what is "right" and what works.  Well, the short answer is.. there isn't a "right" one.  You have to listen to your body, and it will ultimately tell you what it needs.  There are some people that can get away with a vegetarian diet with some supplements and feel great!  While others, may not feel like themselves and lack nutrients that other naturally produce.  Some people do well with "Keto" dieting while others just don't seem to adjust to it.  Some do well with high protein, while others feel sluggish and bloated.  So you see, listening to your body is really the most important and it will tell you what works for you.  But I do know that the more "plant based, whole foods that we eat, the better we will feel!" It just is the most natural and least "genetically modified". 

In this blog post, I will be talking about "meal delivery" services, and one in particular that I tried.  Plated.  I am in no way speaking good or bad about it, just giving an opinion. 

I know most of you have probably seen the "meal delivery" services that are delivered to your home.  Some are pre-cooked but most just have ingredients and you cook them yourself! Recently I had the opportunity to try the meal service "Plated". It's on the same lines as "Blue Apron" or "Hello Fresh".  Essentially they send you recipe cards that have all the ingredients and how to cook them.  As far as the ingredients go, they send you the exact amount needed to make the meal.  I did the meal service for 2 people and 3 meals.   So they send you enough meals that each one will feed 2 people, 3 different days for 1 meal (if that makes sense). My total for one week was about $76.  So it comes out to roughly $13 a meal. 

Let's go over the Pros:  They send you the exact food needed for the meal so there is no leftovers that will sit in your fridge and go to waste. If it needs 1 tablespoon of say Italian Spice, they will send you 1 tablespoon! (They don't send salt, olive oil, or pepper.  You know, the essentials that most people have.) Another pro, (that could also be a con for some people) is that there are no leftovers. So you cook enough to eat that evening and it's over.  There is no eating it again later.  Now it is enough to eat for one person (trust me!). I don't like wondering if it's going to be enough food!  You don't have to worry.  The pro I liked the most is the vegetarian options.  There are enough meals each week that you choose from on a menu online.  Now with the vegetarian options they get pretty creative you could say.  And I mean, you will try different ethnicities that you probably have never tried before.  And you will try produce that you probably didn't even know the produce aisle even had!  Say for instance, have you ever tried a watermelon radish?  Or how bout a Belgian endive? I hadn't either until Plated!  So it really helps you branch out in terms of trying new things, and new spices even! The last pro for me was getting to cook with my husband!  Each of us had a job, his was prep (chopping) and mine was cooking!  Gets you in the kitchen together and there was lots of laughing!  :)  Then getting to eat our creations together was fun too!   I think if you involved kids in it, it could be even more fun! 

Now the Cons:  When food is shipped, one has to find a way to keep it "fresh". Which means there are lots (and I mean lots) of ice packs that are shipped.  Especially in the summer!  I would say there were 4 or 5 giant ice packs at the bottom!  Now you can either save these ice packs (and have to buy a bigger freezer!) or just throw them away!  Which to me, seems very wasteful!  The amount of packaging that comes in it is just crazy.  Now believe me, I get it.  You don't want fresh produce and meat to be hot when you get, that would NOT be good!  But it definitely is NOT environmentally friendly!  Another con:  The Price. For the money, you could definitely go to the grocery store and get the same ingredients for way less and could feed more people!  Most of the ingredients you can find at your local market or grocery store (besides maybe the watermelon radish, but you never know!)  

I am definitely one for trying new things, and it definitely is a good idea!  The grocery store by my house is even trying to do the same sort of thing.  And again, these are just my opinions I have made based on experience.  We are so busy sometimes we are constantly coming up with ways to make things easier and more convenient.  I just don't think they quite "plated" it right so to say....