Owner and Founder of My Cells Talk, Holly Olmstead, shares with us her short bio that has inspired her to create the amazing health programs and services offered with My Cells Talk:  
"I am a passionate freedom advocate, entrepreneur, DIYer and mother of 7. I love to learn and believe that I am responsible for my own success in ALL areas of my life."  
"My Life Story began very simple with loving parents and a comfortable home.  My choices, however, led me to a point in life where I became Emotionally depressed and Physically ill.  In fact, I got to a point that I could hardly drag myself out of bed, couldn’t stand to be touched and felt irritated most of the time.  The hardest part is that my doctor couldnt fix it, although he did his best, and that frustrated me!  Eventually I took the time to self-educate and began the path to Real Solutions through proven methods.   My body was talking (pain, sleeplessness, irritability, so for forth) but I wasnt listening.  I was hoping that someone else would tell me how to fix it when all along, my body knew what it needed - NATURALLY!"  
"Today I feel 99% better!  I don’t say 100% because I’m not perfect.  I still enjoy foods that I know are more for entertainment than nutrition, I don’t always get 8 hours of sleep, or exercise 6 days a week and that’s ok!  I have my life back with energy, vitality, joy and focus - I THRIVE!!    YOU can TOO!!"  
Owner & Founder of My Cells Talk- Holly Olmstead