Health Scope


As easy as 1, 2, 3!  We believe in understanding Heath at the Root level.  Millions of people all over the world are turning inward for health answers!  The way our blood looks can help us understand many things about our health.  We do this through a specialized and unique concept called Health Scope.  

Here is one example: The amount of oxygen our bodies are able to utilize and fuel our body-cells with each day.  Oxygen is so important to the bodies cells for so many reasons, that we can only live a couple of minutes without it.  Many factors can determine the amount of oxygen our bodies are fueling our body cells with, but two major ones, and very common, are having too many Target Cells in the body and elevated amounts of Erythrocyte Aggregation (Blood Sludge).  This hinders our bodies ability to absorb oxygen into our body cells leading to common symptoms of fatigue and lack of energy, low performance, head aches, sickness, and elevated cancer risk to our bodies environment to name a few.  Our "My Cells Talk" program simply helps us understand, educate, and see what types of conditions our blood is in.  

By knowing this, we can make better informed decisions on vital nutrients our bodies may be missing, and if the current supplements or nutrients that one is consuming is being absorbed and utilized effectively into the body.  Sometimes "Seeing is Believing" and we Love Believing!  Why?  Because Believing leads to inspired empowerment to take action on building solutions that really work!

In any capacity, with any health goal, whether an Olympic Athlete or just wanting to feel better, increase your energy, and lose weight, My Cells Talk provides the best education for you to make better informed decisions on your health and helps lay the foundation for optimal and peak performance!  My Cells Talk provides Health Scope Evaluations to help you better understand health at a Root Level, at the cellular level.   Just one more resource My Cells Talk provides in helping our customers DISCOVER solutions to their health.


My Cells Talk, Mission combines science and natural solutions to create a unique affordable healthcare plan for you and your family.  We are committed to serving communities, families, and individuals who seek solutions to health they can actually see.



Using our Health Scope Evaluations as a tool, we’re passionate about

helping people to take their health, fitness and wellbeing to the next

level using their cellular health as a guide.


By examining a droplet of blood under a microscope, we can not only

assess someone’s health across 5 foundational pillars (oxygen, nutrition,

enzymes, waste and toxin removal, and probiotics) but we can determine

the next best steps for them to take in order to get into the best shape

of their life.


The 5 pillars of Cellular Health


The human body is an incredible, living machine and at the

center of it all, acting like roots of a tree, is our blood. Essentially

a highway comprising of mainly red blood cells and platelets, nutrients and white blood cells, our blood can help us fathom several things about our health.


Health Scope is able to highlight five key areas in which special attention should be paid:


    1. Oxygen.

As we breathe, oxygen is transferred to our red blood cells through our lungs, before being transported to deliver oxygen to every living cell in our body.


    2. Nutrition

Our digestive system serves one main purpose and that’s to break down foods we consume to deliver nutrients to our body’s cells. Once food reaches our stomach, powerful gastric stomach acids help to breakdown the food in an effort to extract nutrients from 

what we eat. As food passes through our small intestines, nutrients are absorbed through our intestinal lining and then absorbed into our blood. The blood then transports these nutrients to every living cell in our body. Common health conditions Health Scope can identify which relate to nutrition indicate vitamin and mineral deficiencies.


      3. Enzymes

Digestive enzymes are biological catalysts that create the needed action to actually pull the nutrients out of the foods we eat. Three main digestive enzymes are Amylase, which helps break down sugars, Protease which breaks down proteins, and Lipase which breaks down fats. Common conditions that show a body’s lack of digestive enzymes result in a buildup of sugars, fats and proteins in the blood.


      4. Waste and toxin removal

or the body’s ability to remove wastes and toxins. The blood picks up wastes and toxins from our cells, the digestive tract eliminates our food wastes, while the blood is filtered through the liver and kidneys to help remove our toxic load. Health Scope can identify toxins and wastes built up in the blood.


      5. Probiotics

or or good bacteria that our body needs to help filter and build immunity from bad bacteria. If our good bacteria diminishes, the bad bacteria can overpopulate causing all types of health issues and conditions which require probiotic support.



Seeing is believing


Seeing the condition of your body’s cells using our health microscopy video imaging technology (“HMVI” for short) not only educates you about your health TODAY, but it also inspires you to take action for a healthier tomorrow.


The best part?

You can
see your progress. You no longer have to guess how healthy you are based on your weight, your waistline, or how toned your muscles are. You can view actual, scientific evidence that reveals, under no uncertain terms, where your health falls short right now, and which lifestyle changes may benefit you.


Our cellular health programs apply no matter what your health and fitness goals are whether you’re training for the Olympics or walking your first mile, want to gain a competitive edge as an athlete or lose the extra weight around your waist.


The bottom line: Our Health Scope Evaluations give you all the information you need to make more informed decisions about your health, so that you can look better, feel better and perform better.


Powerful results and real, lasting change!

Make more informed decisions about your health!


Health Scope shows you what’s possible!


Want to more deeply understand your health on a cellular level, so that you can see which vital nutrients your body is missing?


Here at My Cells Talk, we want to empower you to become more intentional about what you eat, which supplements you take, and how you move your body. That’s why we designed Health Scope.


Designed by leading health and fitness experts along with leading medical, nutrition and health professionals, our Health Scope Evaluations give you a unique look at your cellular health using the latest technology — and provide you with the knowledge you need to improve your focus, reduce stress, alleviate any allergies, improve your digestion, support the different systems in your body, and much, much more.


The result?


You not only look better, but you feel better. And that, in itself, is priceless.


Here’s how it works:


Step 1. With a quick finger prick, we obtain one small drop of your blood for careful analysis.


Step 2. We collect the drop of blood and place it on a slide underneath a microscope.


Step 3. Using health microscopy video imaging (or HMVI), we show you what your cells look like so that you can become educated and informed about your health and learn what you can do to improve it.


Your Health Scope Evaluation Report


After your first Health Scope has been completed by a certified Health Scope practitioner, you’ll receive a report within 24 hours which will detail the conditions you observed and talked about during your evaluation.


It will also contain detailed recommendations regarding the next steps you should take to help remedy each condition, and include recommended supplements that will support you on your journey to full health.


Your cellular health tells a powerful story . . .


…about your ability to accomplish your health and fitness goals — and about common conditions that may be affecting your ability to lose weight, increase your muscle mass or endurance, increase your energy and focus, reduce inflammation in your body, and recover quickly after workouts.

Some of those common conditions which can be detected by Health Scope include:





After a Health Scope has been completed and an on-the-spot evaluation given, a report is then generated which details the particular conditions observed and recommends specific action steps to take next, as well as recommended meal plans, exercise programs and supplements.

Health Scope Evaluation Reports are a sophisticated approach to educate clients with observed cellular conditions in their Health Scope. Health Scope Evaluations help identify cellular conditions while building the best action plans to improve cellular health. The benefits of improved cellular health are endless! Listed below are a few of the most common benefits clients experience:

  • Increased Energy
  • Weight Loss
  • Boosted Immunity
  • Reduced Inflammation
  • Improved Digestion
  • Improved Detox
  • Improved Lean Muscle
  • Improved Mood
  • Reduced Allergies
  • Improved Sleep
  • Increased Performance
  • Improved Cognitive Ability

What happens inside your body affects everything.


That’s why we’re passionate about helping people to fuel their bodies and minds in the best way for THEM, so that they can enjoy healthier, happier lives.


We do that by empowering people to understand how their bodies function on a cellular level so that they get to experience powerful results and real, lasting change. Our unique Health Scope Evaluations use cutting-edge technology to help people make more informed decisions about their health, so that they can look better, feel better and perform better.


Dedicated to serving communities, families and individuals who want to experience what real health feels like, My Cells Talk brings together the knowledge, experience, passion and training of thousands of healthcare professionals from around the world to help you see what’s possible.


No matter whether you’re training for the Olympics or walking your first mile, want to gain a competitive edge or lose 30 pounds, your health is our life's work.



Learn why millions of people are turning inward for answers about their health.